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Colleges and Universities Waiving SAT/ACT Requirements during Pandemic

Updated: May 29

As colleges and universities grapple with this new reality, many have come to the decision that, given the circumstances, requiring these exams would be unfair to the 2021 high school graduates. The list of schools waiving these exams is expected to grow, so this list will be updated as needed.

With all of this uncertainty, it is best practice to continue studying for future test dates. Many schools will likely keep the testing requirement as is, despite the test cancellations. Some schools like Northwestern and University of Michigan are even releasing statements that the "coronavirus outbreak will not impact" their testing policies and that going "test optional is not an alternative" to their current requirements.

Here are the schools who are adopting test-optional admissions policies for high school students applying in the Fall of 2020:

Alma College

Amherst College

Boston University

Cal Maritime

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Case Western Reserve

Chestnut Hill College

Concordia University Texas

Cornell University

CSU Bakersfield

CSU Channel Islands

CSU Chico

CSU Dominguez Hills

CSU East Bay

CSU Fresno

CSU Fullerton

CSU Long Beach

CSU Los Angeles

CSU Monterey Bay

CSU Northridge

CSU San Bernardino

CSU San Marcos

CSU Stanislaus

Davidson College

Drury University

Eastern Oregon University

Gordon State College

Haverford College

Humboldt State University

Indiana Tech

Indiana Wesleyan University

Kent State

Limestone College

Lock Haven University

Mansfield University

Midland University

Midway University

Millersville University

Neumann University


Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon State University

Oregon State University, Cascades

Pomona College

Portland State University

Rhodes College

Sacramento State University

San Diego State University

San Fransisco State University

San Jose State University

Sonoma State University

Santa Clara University

Savannah College of Arts and Design

Scripps College

Southern Oregon University

St Thomas University

Texas Christian University

Trinity University

Tufts University

Tulane University

UC Berkley

UC Davis

UC Irvine


UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

University of Cumberland

University of North Carolina (all 17 campuses)

University of Oregon University of Toledo

University of Washington

Valdosta State University

Vassar College

Virginia Tech

Washington State University

Western Oregon University

Westminster College

Williams College

Below are the schools who are waiving SAT 2 requirements:



Georgetown University

Here is a comprehensive list of schools who have opted to permanently switch to a test-optional admission policy, but have not cited COVID-19 as a factor in their decision.

Correction: University System of Georgia has waived all testing requirements for students who have applied to attend in Summer 2020 and Fall 2020. Only Gordon State has waived the requirement for students applying to attend in Fall 2021. A previous version of this list included all University of Georgia Schools.

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