Is all tutoring one-on-one?

Yes, with very few exceptions.


Where does tutoring take place?

In the student's home. A parent or guardian must be home at the time of the session.


Can we skip the complementary family consult and start tutoring right away?

Unfortunately, no.  The purpose of the consult is to establish your student's learning style.  It is impossible to create an individualized education plan without meeting your student first.


How long is a typical test-prep program?

Because every student is unique, every student's program is unique to them.  Depending on how much time a student can commit to independent study, programs have ranged from 8 weeks to 9 months.


Can you tutor students with learning differences?

Yes. Our approach is informed by the latest research which finds that the best learning strategies for students with LDs, are, in fact, the best strategies for all students.